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Professional online store design

Are you having trouble presenting your products and services to reach the largest number of customers? Are you looking for a unique and professional online store design company that suits the needs of customers in 2021? We at AlyomHost are pleased to offer you the service of creating online stores with the latest technologies and […]

Professional online store design

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Are you having trouble presenting your products and services to reach the largest number of customers? Are you looking for a unique and professional online store design company that suits the needs of customers in 2021?

We at AlyomHost are pleased to offer you the service of creating online stores with the latest technologies and various features. We provide online store design services in a distinctive and unique way that highlights the features of the products and services you provide, allowing you to reach the largest possible number of

customers, and achieve the highest possible profit and benefit.

If you are planning to unveil a new online store through which you are marketing a new product or service or announcing that your company will provide a special offer or a new brand, AlyomHost can become the cradle of your success by designing and developing an online store that is a breakthrough.

The best professional online store design and development company in Saudi Arabia

AlyomHost Company is the best online store development company, headquartered in the city of Jeddah. It works on creating and designing online stores and providing all the optimal e-marketing requirements for the products of your company or your brand at the best prices.

But you must take in consideration that the cost of setting up an online store depends on an important number of factors and features that are to be present in each store. The store is created, designed, and developed based on comprehensive analyses of your competitors, customers, and market requirements for the product you seek to sell and market through the online store.

As an integrated e-marketing company, we seek to analyse and provide all the success factors that your start-up project may need on its way to the peaks of success.

Whatever form of business or online store you seek to create, and whatever specifications or needs required for your site’s succuss and its appearance to the world in the best way, you can count on us to implement it.

AlyomHost Company is a company specialized in creating professional online stores that has a distinguished team that will be able to help you reach your goals by creating online stores that will be the beginning of a fruitful success for you, inshallah.

Also, among our services are:

Online stores – Business Identity – Mobile App Design

Why do you need a professional online store design for your project?

E-commerce is simply the answer. It is the best way to increase the sales of any institution or store in this era. In this era of digital transformation and the dependence of consumers on the Internet in various fields, electronic commerce flourished, and all major companies uses it before the small ones and international brands to increase their sales tremendously.

The idea of creating a professional online store for your organization or for your commercial store has now become a necessity. The advantages of electronic stores are numerous and long to mention, and these are the most important advantages that you will get when creating a professional online store for your organization.

Advantages of creating a professional online store for your company or organization:

1 – Lower operating cost than regular shops.

2 – The ability to manage your business and sales from anywhere at any time.

3 – greater ability to expand, you are not limited to a place.

4 – A higher profit margin when selling online.

5 – A greater ability to target your potential customers.

What are the stages of designing an online store in AlyomHost Company?

The stages of designing an online store for your project are divided into 5 basic stages, which are as follows :

Analysis and visualization stage :

A group of our best specialists at this stage studies the idea of your project, competitors, market situation, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses for your project to determine the optimal mechanism for creating your online store in a professional manner, bearing in mind the achievement of all your goals and aspiration, successes, and aspirations to increase your sales and grow your project.

At that stage, our specialists work on setting the basis, plan, and strategy for the creation of your online store.

Designing and creativity stage:

When the planning stage is completed, the stage of designing a professional online store that suits your project begins. Our professional store designers consider the consistency of colors with each other and the effect of colors on the user’s eye. The colors of your online store are also chosen to suit your field of work. Our designers take care of designing a simple and attractive store at the same time, considering the ease of browsing and using the store, which is the most important factor we have today in hosting your online store to achieve the desired success.

The stage of programming a professional online store for your project:

Programming and development stage is responsible for transforming the distinctive design that we implemented in AlyomHost into an actual store that anyone can use and browse, our software engineers take into account that your online store is fast and easy to use and does not have any errors or technical problems that negatively affect the journey customer on your store.

In AlyomHost we are interested in designing your customer’s journey in an optimal way from the moment they enter your online store until adding products to the basket and completing the purchase process, so the stage of programming an online store for your project is a very important and pivotal stage because it directly affects the sales of your store.

The stage of creating and filling the content of your online store:

At this stage, we, at AlyomHost create the content of your online store, where our specialists fill in the products with all their details and information in your online store, so that the store is ready for a strong launch.

Technical support and optimization of your online store:

After publishing your online store and its launch, we come to this important stage, during which we review the performance of your store and improve and solve any problems that arise. At this stage, you can inform us of any problem or modification in the design of the online store.

Why AlyomHost is the best online store design company in Saudi Arabia?

The status of AlyomHost Company and its classification as the best online store design company in the Kingdom did not come out of nowhere. AlyomHost has a distinguished  previous work, so we have served thousands of customers over many years. What distinguishes AlyomHost really is our attention to all details, no matter how simple or

Unremarkable, as we always aim to meet all the wishes of our valued customers.

What is the price for a professional online store design at AlyomHost Company?

The price of designing an online store varies according to the type of store, specifications and requirements required. There are stores that are programmed using one of the store’s content management systems such as WooCommerce or OpenCart. The cost of stores that are built using these platforms varies from stores which is done with special programming from start to finish, and you can contact the technical support of AlyomHost to find out the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each.

We at AlyomHost have a great deal of experience in the field of designing and creating online stores, as well as developing the best web hosting plans that suit your business requirements.

The process of creating an online store requires several initial elements and includes a distinctive design for the storefront in terms of shape, colors, and the site logo and linking it to the brand, taking care to provide an attractive design suitable for the shape and content of the product you seek to market, and taking care of the coordination and side layouts of the website in general.

Are you looking for a company to develop an online store that will be a partner in a successful adventure!? Well, here we introduce ourselves, AlyomHost Company. Create your online store without programming experience now.


Question: How long does it take to design an online store at AlyomHost ?

Answer: The duration of designing an online store varies according to the project details, but the duration is usually between 15 to 30 working days.

Question: On what basis are the colors of the design of my online store chosen?

Answer: The colors of the design are chosen depending on the appropriate color coordination for the field of work of your store, taking into account ease of use and that the colors are comfortable for visitors.

Is it possible to redesign my store, which was previously designed by another company?

Answer: Yes, we can re-design and improve your online store at all design and programming levels.