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Ammar prize

About the project

In 2014, the first launch of the “Ammar Award” was due to Ammar’s Initiative to support creators with special abilities, from which the idea of ​​the Al-Erada Association for those gifted individuals with disabilities , a humanitarian and social initiative targeting talented and creative people with disabilities in the Saudi Kingdom, where it refined their talents and developed their creativity through full support for them.

The story

The ambition of the organizers of the Ammar Award was to develop their presence on the Internet through a professional website that displays the history of the competition over the previous years and makes it easier for members to participate in the award with ease.

Ammar prize
Ammar prize

Solution & Result

The solution is always easy and simple with Alyom Host, which has designed and programmed a website with special features that were designed and programmed specifically according to the vision of the award management and according to its request to provide the best and easiest way for subscribers and supporters of the award.

Project working time

2 months

work team

8 مهندسين

Client Rating