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Motion graphic design

In the era of digital transformation, we are all looking for the best way to develop our business in line with the current technological development. We all want to reach the best way to display our products and services to increase sales and achieve goals, so who of us does not want to broadcast the […]

Motion graphic design

In the era of digital transformation, we are all looking for the best way to develop our business in line with the current technological development. We all want to reach the best way to display our products and services to increase sales and achieve goals, so who of us does not want to broadcast the spirit of movement and vitality to his products and services.

If you are looking for a simple presentation of your information in a video with a distinctive animation of the graphics, then you need a motion graphics service. At AlyomHost we do a graphic design with the addition of music backgrounds and sound effects. We help you deliver your message easily and in minutes.

There is no doubt that animation is considered one of the best means of communication for its ability to communicate the target in a lively way through images, movement, and sound. In addition to its importance in attracting your audience to your brand.

What is motion graphics?

Motion graphics is a video consisting of a different and harmonious set of illustrations and graphic displays that are animated in a distinctive way to present and explain the idea of your project or product to the consumer in an easy and simplified way.

motion graphics consists of graphs and 3D graphics, these elements and graphics are controlled to clarify and facilitate any idea you want, so motion graphic design is one of the best and most preferred modern online marketing methods by users.

Features of a professional motion graphic video design:

Designing a motion graphic video for your project is a very important thing to reach your potential customers and clarify your ideas and business features in a clear and simplified manner. The motion graphic design has many advantages, which are:

You can clarify your ideas in a short period of time, ranging from a minute or several seconds.

It helps the customer to remember your business identity.

It helps your potential customers become aware of your brand identity.

It has a quick impact on your potential customer.

Motion graphics design costs less than creating a video with expensive integrated actors and production equipment.

It helps you to increase your reach on social networks.

Effective motion graphic design will help you increase your sales.

Motion graphic design steps at AlyomHost Company:

For your motion graphic design to be ready to be published to potential clients and followers, today we take several important steps to produce an effective motion graphic design and these steps are:

Script writing stage:

At this stage, our creative team will study your field of work and determine the important points that should be mentioned in your motion graphic design, then our specialists will write a distinctive script and simplified design for your motion graphic video idea to reach the best scenario suitable for your company or organization.

Writing your motion graphics video script is not easy, in a very important and influential step, as our creative team works to select and select the best vocabulary, sentences and ideas that make your idea reach your followers and potential customers very easy.

Drawing and designing storyboard and video elements stage:

We have a group of the best motion graphics video designers who design characters and video elements at this stage, taking into account the use of appropriate colors for your commercial identity, and our designer team takes into account the use of distinctive and attractive colors that suit the nature of your potential customers.

The design of the video elements requires extreme accuracy in implementation, as these elements will be engraved in the subconscious of your customers, so they must be designed with great care and accuracy to produce a perfect motion graphic video design for your project.

Audio commentary production stage:

Our voice over specialists produces the audio file for the video, which is made up of a group of short sentences and texts that explain in a simple and effective way all the goals of your organization in short seconds. sound to catch the attention of your potential customers.

Motion moving stage:

It is considered the most important stages at all. At this stage, all the elements that were previously designed by our team are moved to become ready and you get a professional motion graphic video design.

The method and style of moving the elements greatly affects the ability of your motion graphic design to communicate information and achieve its purpose, and at that stage, the team at AlyomHost Company integrates and assembles all the video components from graphics elements, data, interactive sounds, sound effects, and audio commentary at the same time. Get your motion graphic design ready to conquer the internet.

What is the best motion graphics company in Saudi Arabia?

The answer, quite simply, is AlyomHost company, as it is considered the best motion graphics company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to the company’s experience and previous distinguished business with many clients. We have experts in this field, which facilitates the task of creating a professional motion graphic video for your project.

At AlyomHost Company, we are pleased to offer motion graphics services. We have a highly skilled team that will translate your ideas into a vivid and attractive image that will help achieve the largest audience reach. Our services also include making motion graphics a part of your marketing strategy.


Question: What is the cost of designing a motion graphic video?

Answer: The cost of the video varies according to the size of the video and its requirements, but we promise you with AlyomHost you will get the best quality ever at special prices that you will not find except with us.

Question: Does AlyomHost offer high quality Motion Graphics videos?

Answer: Yes, the video is finished and delivered to you in the highest quality, which is 4K quality, so that you can publish the video on YouTube or any social media platforms.

Question: Why is a Motion Graphics video design important to marketing for my organization?

Answer: Because motion graphics is one of the latest, best, and most successful modern marketing methods, it will help you spread and promote your business identity with ease.