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About Alyom Host

سنحكي لك الأن قصتنا

Alyom Host Company is your technical partner in building world-class apps and websites that contribute to enhancing your reach to your target audience, and spreading awareness of what your brand has to offer. Alyom Host specializes in providing development solutions, developing mobile website design and building e-commerce platforms.

Values that we do not compromise on

At Alyom Host, we evaluate needs and problems to create a customized implementation plan that works for you, because we believe that one size does not fit all. And we use in the research process the best strategies that enable us to understand the requirements of users and the target audience, and link them to the goals and aspirations of the customer, to come up with an effective final product.


Having a clear methodology and a smooth process helps us make effective decisions that contribute to customer success and provide a high-quality product that is suits the target audience.

Our Mission

Adapt technology and digital transformation strategies to build products and services that directly contribute to the success and profits of customers, and provide them with an effective platform to communicate with the public smoothly and quickly.

Our Vision

Our confidence in providing tangible value to our customers is what distinguishes our services and products, and we proud of ourselves on our attention to details and quality that always puts us first. We look forward to fully engaging in projects of our clients, because their success is our success, and through that we hope to become the leading company in application and website solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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