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Website hosting

There is no doubt that it is a bit difficult to get a suitable web hosting fits your requirements and needs.

What is hosting?

Web hosting is the process of completely saving and storing your website data on one of the major central computers that have special specifications and a very high internet speed, where space is rented on those huge computers to upload your website files to so that your site becomes fast in loading and browsing and available all the time.

The task of searching for Saudi hosting companies that provide distinguished services is not easy at all, as your wrong choice of hosting company that will host your site or your online store can lead to huge financial losses, if you choose to host the wrong servers, your site will become very slow and the site will be affected and you will find it often broken and this of course affects the success of your website or online store.

5 things to consider when choosing Saudi hosting companies for your site:

Your site loading speed

Good support around the clock

Never lose any important files from your site

Security and protection for your site files and customer data

The ability to expand and develop your website

Why choose Alyomhost to host your website?

With more than 8 years of experience in the world of web hosting and hosting electronic stores, Alyomhost Company is one of the best Saudi web hosting companies, rather than the great experiences that the company has in managing servers and providing technical support and development services to its customers, Alyomhost Company is committed to its customers with several advantages that is offered to them without others.

Advantages of web hosting service provided by Alyomhost Company

Very fast hosting

We at Alyomhost Company care about the quality and strength of our servers, very powerful servers are selected and assembled with very high specifications and fantastic internet speed, which greatly helps to host many sites at high speed, so if you are looking for a distinguished Saudi hosting company that makes you a site at a rocket speed, today Host Company are the best choice.

High security and protection for your data and the data of your customers

If you are looking to host secure Saudi websites that are protected by the latest technologies and information security technology, today Host is your first choice undisputedly.

We have a group of the best information security and electronic data protection specialists who are working around the clock to protect and encrypt your data and the data of your customers, repel all electronic attacks and secure your site against any security problems that may occur to it.

Ease your site’s data management

With all this complexity and professional data protection methods, we provide you with a very easy, simple and completely secure control panel that enables you to manage your site data and control all its files as you want, at any time and from anywhere.

Ease of transferring your site data from and to Alyomhost company

If you suffer from a dealing with bad Saudi hosting companies and want to transfer your site data to the servers of Alyomhost Company, and you are wondering is the process of transferring data a complicated one? The answer is no, as you can easily and easily transfer all your website or online store data from one of the other hosting companies to today's host.

Also, this process will not require much intervention from you, as our team will transfer all files very professionally to our servers at Alyomhost Company.

Alyomhost is compatible with all content management systems

If you want to design a website or a mobile application or even create a professional online store and are looking for hosting compatible with the content management systems you want to work with, then Alyomhost is the best choice for you, as the web hosting provided by Alyomhost is compatible with all content systems such as WordPress and Open Kart, Magento and other popular content management systems.

Data backup

Alyomhost Company provides a daily backup service for the data of your site, and that data is stored in a safe place on the Internet to preserve your data in the event of any data loss or any problems.

Premium Technical Support

Alyomhost Company provides technical support 24 hours to serve its customers and meet their needs, as the web hosting service needs to follow up around the clock for server resources and address any problems that appear at any time, and of course you can communicate with our technical support service and submit your suggestion and it will be implemented immediately.

We at Alyomhost Company are pleased to take this upon ourselves, and we will provide you with packages.

Hosting suitable for your requirements and special needs, in addition to domain reservation services

At the best prices, our services are characterized by complete security and high efficiency of hosting packages

In addition to backup services, periodic maintenance, and the creation of your official emails

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Hosting Service

Q \ Can I control the hosting of my website?

A\ Yes, of course you can control all site data and files through an easy and simple control panel provided to you by Alyomhost Company.

Q \ Can my hosting plan be changed?

A \ Yes, you can upgrade your hosting plan any time you want, just contact your technical support and your request will be fulfilled.

Q \ Is there a possibility to provide unlimited hosting space?

A\ Yes, it is very simple, all you have to do is upgrade your plan to the unlimited plan and contact technical support.

Please choose the package that suits you

20 GB

40 GB


Package Features


Optional domain for free


Official email number

control panel

Number of languages supported

Technical support and protection

Backup site files

interior and external back up


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