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Gasco App

About the project

Gasco application is the official application of the National Gas and Industrialization Company (GASCO) to help customers manage their needs of gas services (liquefied petroleum gas) with ease and ease. The application provides the following services: Request for a new tank, request for filling/refilling gas, request for maintenance, locate the nearest gas cylinders distributor, record customer requests, complaints department

The story

The idea started with the desire to create a mobile application for the National Gas and Industrialization Company (GASCO) to make it easier for users to request various services (request for a new tank - maintenance request - filling request - .....), and the most important thing is that it be at the highest level of efficiency and quality to serve A gigantic institution the size of the National Gas and Industrialization Company

Gasco App
Gasco App

solution & result

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Project working time

4 months

work team

8 مهندسين

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