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AL Riyadh Newspapers

About the project

The first daily newspaper published in Arabic in the capital of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the first issue of which was issued on 1/1/1385 AH corresponding to 1/5/1965 ad. Currently, it is at the forefront in terms of distribution, reading and advertising space in Saudi Arabia

The story

The idea began with the desire to create a mobile application for the newspaper that would make it easier for readers to read and browse news and articles and receive notifications from the departments interested in them, and the most important thing is that it be of the highest efficiency and quality to serve a giant organization the size of Al-Riyadh newspaper.

AL Riyadh Newspapers
AL Riyadh Newspapers

Solution & Result

Alyomhost Host Foundation has designed and programmed the Riyadh application according to the institution’s vision in terms of design and programming, using the latest modern programming techniques, and according to its more than 10 years of experience in this field.

Project working time

3 months

work team

10 مهندسين

Client Rating