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mobile apps designing

You can say for sure that mobiles were able to impose its control over the scene and pull the rug from computers in terms of the use of the internet and web browsing With the beginning of the 21st century, mobiles have become a necessity and not just a need or a new electronical invention […]

mobile apps designing

You can say for sure that mobiles were able to impose its control over the scene and pull the rug from computers in terms of the use of the internet and web browsing

With the beginning of the 21st century, mobiles have become a necessity and not just a need or a new electronical invention in the way that you can no longer imagine life without it.

Alyomhost platform team who has great experience in the field of designing mobile applications for both the Android and IOS operating systems, can help you transform your vision into a tangible reality that will be the beginning of an impressive success.

Alyomhost’s Stages of programming and designing mobile applications:

mobile apps designing

The project of creating a professional and distinctive mobile application for your company or organization at Alyomhost Company is carried out with the utmost professionalism possible, where the team Alyomhost develops clear guideline and tight plan for the method of designing and programming your mobile application, which is:

Planning and analysis stage for mobile app designing:

This stage considers one of the most important steps towards designing a successful and distinctive mobile app, where our specialists study the field of work of the application and begin to lay the basics to implement the design and study the expectations of the customer who uses this app, taking into account the provision of a design that simulates the best possible use experience for your customers.

The stage of developing the initial form for the design of the mobile app and preparing the wireframe:

Our team at this stage develops or visualizes the application of your organization, where the step of creating a wireframe for your application is an important and indispensable step, and at this stage all ideas move from paper and the minds of our professional designers to a clear and visual design.

Customer review of the design for the mobile application stage:

Despite having a team of experts and specialists in the field of mobile application design, the customer’s opinion is the most important thing for us.

Alyomhost team is keen to review and implement all customers’ suggestions and modifications in proportion to the design, as in Alyomhost customer’s opinion means a lot to us and what matters to us always and forever is customer satisfaction.

User interface design and user experience design stage:

Our specialists make the final design of the mobile application for your organization, and our team of designers works to take into consideration the consistency of colours and their consistency with the colours of the logo and identity of your organization.

In addition, our team is interested in designing simple, beautiful and easy application elements at the same time, with calm colours that are comfortable for the eye and positively affect the users.

Our teamwork at this stage also performs many tests on the colours of the design, the ease of use, the size of the elements and the graphics used.

Our user experience designers also simulate all the obstacles that can prevent any consumer from interacting with the application,

 our specialists work to make your application easy to use by everyone, the simpler and consistent the application is, the easier it is to use.

Mobile app programming

The stage of programming your mobile application is one of the most important stages, as the design created by the designers is converted into a living model that already works, and our developers and software engineers takes care of transforming the visual design into an application that works without any problems through the following steps:

Mobile application programming stage:

Our professional developers start writing the application code to transform it from a non-interacting design into a living and functional application that works 100% and the developers fill your application with content to preview all aspects of application performance and solve all problems.

Application testing stage:

The importance of this stage lies in discovering all errors and problems that may occur in the application in the future, and our specialists are working to try every part, no matter how small, in the application and discover errors and items that have problems and fix them in order to get a mobile application free of errors, fast and distinctive.

The stage of delivering the application to the customer:

Important and clear steps that brought us to this stage, which is the delivery of the application works without any errors to the customer. After an important journey with the design of your mobile application, then through the stage of programming mobile applications, reviewing its errors and testing them now, after all these steps, the application is delivered to you without any problems.

Alyomhost Company also offers you a technical support period that varies according to the application package, and during this period, it provides the necessary support if there are any problems with your application.

These were the most important stages for designing and programming a professional mobile application from Alyomhost

The best company to create applications in Saudi Arabia

Mobile applications that Alyomhost can develop for you will be able to transfer your projects to a higher level of success, spread and profitability by necessity.

Alyomhost Company:

 pioneers in programming mobile applications for Android and iPhone in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether for individuals or companies seeking to move to advanced stages of success and expansion.

We guarantee that you will get a mobile application that runs on the operating system you are targeting or that works on both Android and IOS operating systems, easy and safe in terms of use and able to lead you to the desired goal

Android app designing:

Android system is the fastest growing operating system in the world and the most prevalent also at the present time, with more than 2.5 billion devices working in the world, and even more than 70% of the total mobile devices in the world work with the Android system, which confirms the importance of providing an Android application that works on marketing your business through it.

updates and features that are always provided by those in charge of the Android operating system make the process of designing an Android mobile application a more flexible option because it is more compatible with the needs of the consumer

Alyomhost company has its long history in the field of developing and designing Android mobile applications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we have a team of highly experienced Android application developers who can analyse your business requirements to reach the best solutions and come up with an Android application that will be the cause of more success.

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iPhone apps designing:

We can design and develop an iPhone application that suits your goals, whether it is purely e-commerce or to be among the means of entertainment such as games or even an application for social networking, shopping, transportation and many more.

Due to the continuous increase in the users of mobile phones and iPhone devices running the IOS operating system, companies and individuals can take advantage of this growth to be a more effective way to reach their customers.

We work on designing, developing and marketing IOS applications for various Apple devices, and our diligent team will strive to provide effective solutions that suit your business needs.

Mobile app designing FAQ:

Question: How is my mobile app designed?

Answer: Our specialists work on designing and programming the mobile application for your company or organization using the latest international technologies, to finally get a quick application with an attractive design and consistent colours that impress and enthusiasm your potential customers

Question: How much does it cost to design a mobile app?

Answer: The cost of designing a mobile application varies from one company to another, and the price varies according to the package that you select and the features that you would like to add to your application, but Alyomhost company offers you a service of designing and programming mobile applications at distinct and suitable prices for everyone.

Question: What is the best mobile app design company in Saudi Arabia?

Answer: With more than 7 years of experience in the field of information technology, Alyomhost is one of the best companies that provide the service of designing and programming mobile applications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.